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COP 15 Conference
Talk by Stéphane Pailler, Consul général de France. On Wednesday 15th November 2023, the French Consul general gave a talk on energy sources and climate change. He gave a brief outline of the decisions taken at the Paris talks in 2016 and the progress made at subsequent COP meetings.
The Consul represented France at COP meetings – including COP 26 held in Glasgow. He also provided a very informative description of what takes place at these COP meetings, the number of delegates involved and the solutions attempted to accommodate the divers interests of scientists, diplomats and national representatives.
The talk was well attended and much appreciated by attendees who were invited as FSS Edinburgh members, members of the French Institute and Francophone and Francophile members of the local public.
Upcoming Events
On Wednesday 29th November at 5.15pm (please note change of time, so the students can come after their lectures).
The annual awards ceremony for the concours d’écriture will take place in the Tati room at the French Institute. This is a joint, IFE/FSSEdinburgh event.
The Edinburgh Franco-Scottish Society Branch committee members read and selected the winners of this essay competition: the FSS Edin Branch and the French institute provide the prizes. The Institute organises an exhibition of the work submitted by all contestants. All those who attend the event are asked to select two entries for two “Coup de Coeur” prizes.
The French Fair
French Fair
On Saturday 25th November 2023. The annual French Fair will take place at the Institut français, come and see for yourself the many talents amongst the French community in Scotland!
There will be a lot of amazing stalls with beautifully crafted gift ideas in a festive and friendly atmosphere.
La Revue Ecossaise
La Revue Ecossaise
Below a message from the journalists of the “La revue ecossaise” who gave us a talk last year.
Passez nous voir à La French Fair l’Institut français d’Écosse à Edimbourg. Nous sommes ravis de vous annoncer que La Revue Écossaise participera à La French Fair, qui se tiendra à l’Institut français d’Écosse à Edimbourg le samedi 25 novembre. C'est l'occasion idéale de nous retrouver, de discuter, et bien sûr, d'acquérir les deux tomes de La Revue Écossaise ! Sur le stand, il y aura également le livre de recette de Sarah et l'essai politique et culturel sur l'Écosse d'Assa. On ne sera pas les seuls, plein d'autres créateurs indépendants français en Écosse seront là pour partager leurs pépites, notamment nos amis d’Auld Alliance Kiltmakers. Une belle façon de dénicher des trésors et de soutenir la communauté francophone en Écosse
France Today
France Today
A message from a member of the Paris Branch (Association franco-écossaise), Lydie, whom those of you who have joined the French group on any of the exchange visits will have met.
Chers Amis, Quelque chose qui peut intéresser vos adhérents. En espérant que tout va bien. Bien cordialement Lydie Delalande/A.F.E. et "Vieille Alliance-Oise"
Society News
National AGM in 2024
The Annual General Meeting of the Franco-Scottish Society of Scotland will be held in the Royal George Hotel, Perth on Saturday, 25th May 2024.
Details of the event and registration forms will be sent to all members nearer the date.
Alexander Gray Education Fund
The Edinburgh Branch gave £500 in support of two teachers from the Loretto RC Primary School, Musselburgh, who are participating in the Morbihan Brittany partnership, an i-twinning initiative involving both schools.
The visit to France enabled the staff of the two schools to meet and finalise arrangements and to compare the systems used by each school.
More information will be provided at the first branch meeting in October.
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